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The Resurrection: Proof or Prank?

Maybe it's just me, but I find it amusing that Easter and April Fools lands on the same day this year. I've always felt like my relationship with God has a strong vein of humor in it, and I think God delights in making us laugh. The resurrection seems to be God's biggest prank. "Surprise, I'm not dead!"

People today will tell you that the resurrection was just a prank, that his disciples stole his body and fabricated the whole story. They say it's a fairy tale story that was made to make people feel better.

But if we look at history, Jesus appeared to more than 500 eyewitnesses after his resurrection. People he showed himself to were often given an opportunity to touch his wounds. He ate and drank with his disciples 3-4 times. How could so many people corroborate fake alibis if Jesus hadn't risen?

All of Jesus' disciples died defending their faith, (except John, who lived to die of old age) defending this "prank" that Jesus had risen. Would you suffer and die for a meaningless lie? 

There is evidence that he is risen. You can trust fully that God's biggest prank in history is indeed, no prank. This Easter, I pray that you would be filled with wonder and joy at the overwhelming good news, that you would experience the resurrection in a new and more profound way than ever before. 

And rejoice knowing that just as Christ was risen from the dead, so shall you be given new life.

God's blessings,

Camilla Bjorklund

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