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John 16

Chapter 16 begins with a warning that the world will severely persecute those who follow Jesus. Jesus goes onto say this will be done because they do not "know" the father or me. 

The next section begins another extended discussion of the Holy Spirit (refer back to 14:15-31).

The Helper (Advocate) Holy Spirit--when he comes (1) Convict the world concerning sin, righteousness, and judgement. Sin--because of unbelief; Righteousness--I go to the Father and you will see (literally) me no longer; Judgement--The ruler of this world is judged. The Spirit is also called the Spirit of truth--He will guide you in all truth. He will speak on things to come. He will glorify the Son.

The next paragraph is a beautiful description of what Jesus means when he says, "You will see me no longer". He uses the analogy of a woman in the travail of birth but once the baby is delivered, the woman no longer focuses on the pain but the joy of the new born baby. 

In the last section of John 16, Jesus offers his followers his peace. 

Gospel of John

We will be starting a Bible study on the Gospel of John at the end July, after I get back from vacation. I will be posting some introduction material in the meantime to give us some background and some study on the various themes John highlights in his gospel. 

My hope is to spend a lot of time in the next year going through two very different gospels--John and Mark. We will lean much for each, even though they are different. Yet, even in their differences, we need to remember the basic outline of the story is the same. We will see the uniqueness of John, but also what it gives us in common with the other three gospels. 

If you want to, do some reading in the gospel before we even start. I think the more you are familiar with it as we go slowly though it, the better. Many of you know some of the unique stories and ways that John was written, but try to read through it a few times before we start. It might give you some questions to ask me as we go along. If you read, write down any questions you have as you go through it on your own. 

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